Bernie Doyle 2B
Life was never meant to be a struggle.

You have to work hard at creating struggle whereas flow is a natural condition.

People around us reflect back to us how we are. This is why some relationships are hard.

When you have won your own approval, you are no longer able to be manipulated by others.

So end the struggle…

Embrace life
Why 2B?  To Be is the way -ENERGY-

To be  Enlightened.

To be living in the  Now.

To be  Emancipated.

To be connected to the  Reservoir  of knowledge within.

To be  Grateful.

To be free of  Yesterday .
To enable you to help your children you must first look at yourself

If you have control, trust, faith and belief in yourself you are able to deal with any situation that life presents to  you.  You will be using your intuition and this will be perfect.  A great deal of what people say think or do is actually motivated by fear.
How can you address this fear?  First of all you need to be aware of the fact that you are feeling fearful, anxious and stressed.

Be aware that this  fear is not in the life situation but within you, nobody else can make you feel anything.  We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
In order to be able to release this fear you have to find where it is in your body. For example fear tends to be in the pit of the stomach, anger lies around the liver, and sadness around the chest area.

Take in a long deep breath directing it towards the area affected, and as you breath out say “I’m letting go this anger.  I don’t need it anymore.”

This is not a quick fix. You need to be constantly reminding yourself that  you are in control of how you feel, and not give your control to anybody else.   If you are upset about somebody’s else behaviour you are giving them control over you. 

Awareness awareness awareness is the key.

The Five Minute Miracle

A daily guided meditation for betterment of the self.
'The Five Minute Miracle' is a free audio based guided meditation for daily use.

I call it 'The Five Minute Miracle' because if you spend 5 minutes each day with yourself and give yourself your full attention; miracles happen. 

The head is limiting.

The spirit is limitless.

Feel free to listen below.

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