Hi Bernie,

Much thanks and appreciation for all your help over the past while. With your introduction to Energy Healing I am finding myself more and more confident each day. Energy healing has helped me firstly have a look at and change me and having seen the domino effect on family and friends as well as myself I can only highly recommend it to all.

Having to sit exams and not having done do in a long time it was with the help of the Energy Healing that I managed to succeed. Its a basic technique which when practiced snowballs in to so much more, all good! Mostly thanks for all the conversations I had with you.

 have never felt as much at ease in expressing myself and to have such a caring and nonjudgmental atmosphere in which to do so was very much appreciated. Bernie you have a gift for what you are doing and I hope you will continue to do it

Energy Healing,

I have faith in Bernie, I have had experience of her energy healing ability. On my first visit to her I was in a sorry state but her calming vibes and soothing voice reassured me straight off.
I was full of anger and fear even hate towards other people who were making my life intolerable.

Bernie assured me that I had the power within me by just being open and receptive, being still and silent to allow my energy to flow through me, in due course I found I was able to harness this wonderful and powerful energy whenever I felt vulnerable.
My life was transformed. I go to bed at night looking forward to a new day of living positively

In future all I have to do is to take a deep breath and let the cares of the day breathe out and away and feel my healing energy flow freely through me.
I can face the future no matter what.

I am grateful to Bernie for my peace of mind and a happiness beyond measure.